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The first impression is the most important one

The amenities of a catering business depends a lot on what customers have in their hands. A lousy tray or shatterproof glass full of scratches is detrimental to the overall user experience. A stylish and high quality tray or clear glass creates a positive experience and therefore an optimal perception of your brand or organisation.


Ellie & Hannah'Do you want to know a secret?'

Ellie and Hannah have been close friends since high school.
Hannah tells about Sam, a handsome colleague she met at the office...


sam & hannah'This feels like I'm 16 again...'

Sam doesn't seem to realise that Hannah doesn't just 'like' him.
Will she tell him?


Hannah en haar oma'What are you waiting for Hannah?'

Grandma is always full of good advice. "You shouldn't keep this to yourself, Hannah." 
Will she take her advice?


Ellie & Hannah'Are you free tonight?'

Hannah is finally calling Sam. Her voice is shaky.
Ellie can't wait to hear his answer: "What did he say, Hannah?"


'Those three words.'Sam & Hannah

There, she said it. Sam is surprised.
Will Hannah regret this?


Sam, Ellie & Hannah'What a great night!'

It happened. Hannah and Sam fell in love!
They enjoyed the rest of their night with
delicious drinks and warm laughter


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