Serving tray for roomservice and coronaproof serving


Keep on serving those customers whenever they are on holiday or business trip. With our Puro Hotel tray, For any small and large dishes accompanied

Marble rocks

    White marble Dura The Dura serving tray may have a natural soft appearance, but don’t be fooled: this tray is rock-solid. It is

product launch beton concrete serving tray

Concrete suits you

Complete your interior design. When talking about sustainable design for a better world, Dura, Grain, Wave and Puro are trays that fit this strategy perfectly. With their smooth edges,

Little black tray

    # NEW SIZE: Rocca Grain ½ GN is 325 x 265 mm Attention: this is exceptionally strong. You don’t have to be an architect to realise

New catalogue 2020

  Roltex has BIG news! He’s here, the catalogue for 2020! You’ll discover trusted items and improved products. But also new trays as well as new drinkware, tableware and kitchen

New product: S-Cube!

    New product announcement S-Cube       Functionality meets design; discover our revolutionary buffet display solution. Combine your S-Plank with our S-Cubes and create an amazing

Coffee to go

      New product announcement Coffee to go Discover our new coffee cup which is 100% recyclable, reusable and antibacterial. With its 350ml capacity

Wave 2 for Wave

The leading Roltex tray, the Earth Tray Wave, is now available in two extra versions. Discover the new size of our sustainable tray: 32 x 21