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Earth Tray

Earth Tray

The ecological choice

Show your commitment to the environment.

Are you looking for a high quality service tray that offers the possibility to support the use of renewable raw materials at the same time? The Earth Tray is the first high quality service tray made from 90 % renewable materials. This tray is made from 70 % hard FSC carton and 20 % bio waste resin. This brings us closer to a sustainable planet with every meal. Unique and exclusive to Roltex.

Earth Tray strengths

  • 90% Ecological
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Manufactured from
  • renewable materials
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Sustainable design for a better world.

Surf along on this successful Wave. This environmentally friendly tray was designed with great attention to user comfort.

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Wave Logo

Ecological, ergonomic and your design.

Is an ecological message hidden behind your mission? Does your customer's comfort matter?

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Earth Basic

The Mother of all Earth Trays.

Looking for an ecological tray with pure simplicity?

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Earth Aline

Design for a healthier world.

Ghent designer Aline Billiet goes one step further with the Earth Tray.

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View product:Earth Logo

Earth Logo

Care for our planet with your brand or design.

You like the Earth Tray but would like one tailored to your house style or design? 

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Earth Antislip

Keeps food and drinks in their place.

Looking for grip and stability? The Antislip keeps food and drink where they should be.

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Serve drinks and a better world.

Meet Brasseur, an environmentally friendly tray specially designed for barkeepers with attention to the well-being of our planet.

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