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The S-plank is a delight to behold. Made from unbeatable polyester with a natural look. The textured surface keeps the tray’s culinary delights firmly in place. You can add a personal touch to your establishment. Choose your own format and design. For extra stability, small feet can be added so it is easier to lift the platter.

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S-Plank 60x40R070600 x 400 mm5,2 mm52210 g
S-Plank 60x20R071600 x 200 mm5,2 mm51130 g
S-Plank 40x30R072400 x 300 mm5,2 mm101150 g
S-Plank 40x20R073400 x 200 mm5,2 mm10740 g
S-Plank 30x20R074300 x 200 mm5,2 mm10575 g
S-Plank 15x20R075200 x 150 mm5,2 mm10280 g
S-Plank 1/2 GNR080325 x 265 mm5,2 mm10815 g
S-Plank GNR079530 x 325 mm5,2 mm51680 g
S-Plank 40R076Ø 400 mm5,2 mm51200 g
S-Plank 38R077Ø 380 mm5,2 mm5990 g
S-Plank 30R078Ø 300 mm5,2 mm10670 g
Available colours: Vintage, Oak, Slate

Available colours: Vintage, Oak, Slate

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