Black line

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You can never go wrong with black. Roltex has provided the Black Line trays with a non-slip coating to ensure that all beverages are safe. Made from a durable, odour-free material, these tray are designed for a long and bright future in your establishment. Black Line trays are also available in seven different models. All equally elegant, sturdy and scratch-resistant. This tray will delight both staff and customers

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Black 35x26R814228350 x 260 mm38 mm25360 g
Black 49x34R816228490 x 340 mm45 mm121170 g
Black 42x30R815228420 x 300 mm45 mm25835 g
Black 63x39R817228630 x 390 mm45 mm121170 g
Black Round 31R812228Ø 310 mm32 mm25285 g
Black Round 38R813228Ø 380 mm35 mm25435 g

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