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Natural elements belong in a contemporary interior. But your serving tray should also be easy to maintain and hard-wearing. The good news is that Puro has all of these qualities. The tray is convincingly like real wood (whichever way you look at it) with an applied texture and soft touch finish. Some 90% of the tray consists of environmentally friendly materials. And it is ideal for everyday use. Available in three versions: vintage, oak and warm vintage.

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Fast FoodR506375 x 265 mm2,2 mm25290 g
CasinoR513430 x 330 mm2,4 mm25460 g
Round 36R511Ø 360 mm2,2 mm25370 g
Round 45R510Ø 450 mm2,4 mm25585 g
Available colours: Oak, Vintage, Warm vintage

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