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In a class of its own

The Wave tray scores points thanks to its flowing ergonomic shape and tactile surface. If you wish to add something to the natural wood appearance, we will be only too happy to incorporate your logo, an illustration, photo or text into the design. This will ensure that your elegant tray stands out even more and keeps your brand fresh in the customer’s mind.

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Wave Art 32x21L090320 x 210 mm2,4 mm25-
Wave 32x21L091320 x 210 mm2,4 mm25-
Wave 42x22L066420 x 220 mm2,4 mm25270 g
Wave 43x23L065430 x 230 mm2,4 mm25295 g
Wave 42x32L062420 x 320 mm2,4 mm25380 g
Wave 43x33L063430 x 330 mm2,4 mm25420 g
Wave Art 46x36L064460 x 360 mm2,4 mm25495 g

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