Nature served up on a tray

A super soft tray for which no tree-felling was required but still has an authentic wood style. That is what the elegant Wave is all about. Ecologically responsible production process, designed with comfort in mind and user-friendly maintenance. You choose the wood finish and sizes that match your establishment’s interior design.

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Wave Art 32x21R090320 x 210 mm2,4 mm25-
Wave 32x21R091320 x 210 mm2,4 mm25-
Wave 42x22R066420 x 220 mm2,4 mm25270 g
Wave 43x23R065430 x 230 mm2,4 mm25295 g
Wave 42x32R062420 x 320 mm2,4 mm25380 g
Wave 43x33R063430 x 330 mm2,4 mm25420 g
Wave Art 46x36R064460 x 360 mm2,4 mm25495 g

Available colours: Light wood, warm wood, grey wood, dark wood

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