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What makes the Grain serving tray so phenomenally strong is its granulated surface. As well as making the tray extremely sturdy, the texture ensures extra grip and stability. The pleasant feel of the matt pattern creates a warm vibe. This serving tray will last for years and years.

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 ReferenceSizeHeightHeight (11 pieces)Pieces/boxWeight
Rocca 1/2 GN GrainR557325 x 265 mm15 mm74 mm15400 g
Roccandia XS GrainR561420 x 320 mm17 mm82 mm15650 g
Roccandia GrainR556430 x 330 mm20 mm80 mm15670 g
Rocca GrainR554460 x 360 mm20 mm80 mm15740 g
Rocca GN GrainR555530 x 325 mm20 mm80 mm15850 g

Available colours: Pearlwhite, black, stone

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