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Unbreakable drinkware

Safe for them, easy and durable for you.

Shattered or splintered drinkware is a huge nightmare for personnel and dangerous for customers. Our BPA-free or PC-safe unbreakable glasses offer a safe and easy solution. No wild party or accidental fall can break these glasses. Almost impossible to distinguish from real glass thanks to the clear transparency of our materials. Furthermore they are available in many different designs: from the well known beer glass to the broad range of cocktail glasses. Keep your business safe and stylish!

Unbreakables strengths

  • Safe unbreakable products
  • Manufactured in the EU
  • Available in PC Safe or BPA Free
  • All products comply to EU Food & Drink legislation
  • Microwave and dishwasher Safe
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    View product: TAO


    Enjoy this exclusive range.

    Experience our unique Tao range of unbreakable drinkware. This premium collection is perfect for any occasion. The use of quality BPA-free materials brings safety and style to any table.

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    View product: Aqua


    Serving is a dream.

    Do you dream of a splendid carafe that pours perfectly? We developed our new Aqua carafe from strong BPA-free material with Smidesign. This unique carafe was designed to repeatedly pour without spilling or dripping. The new Aqua range also consists of 2 matching tumblers and a very practical lid that can also be used as a coaster.

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    View product: Privilege


    Make stacking child's play.

    Privilege is a comprehensive drinkware series that are unbreakable and easy to stack. The best-known and most popular item is the Viini wine glass (22cl) made from durable, PC-safe material. Save space and stack smartly with Privilege!

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    View product: Top


    The standard in Europe.

    Top represents the European drinks industry standard forms. This unbreakable collection consists of designs that are perfect for any occasion. The series is made from strong, PC-safe material which guarantees durability and a long lifespan.

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    View product: Bar


    Glasses that stimulate creativity.

    Are you looking for a great unbreakable party stem or tumbler for outdoors or poolside? Make sure to have a look at the Bar collection. Many of these models are multifunctional. You can even use them to serve sorbets and desserts!

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    View product: Star


    Unbreakables with Star appeal. They exist!

    This unbreakable range has a suitable name. The Star collection consists of tumblers and pitchers designed with user-friendliness and elegance in mind. The inside ridges not only decorate the Star collection but also ensure problem-free, versatile stacking. The new Star Pitcher (1,25L) comes with a removable lid which increases safety and hygiene.

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    View product: Smart


    Sustainability can also be budget-friendly.

    You want unbreakable glasses but your budget is limited? Smart is the solution! This budget-friendly series was originally developed for the drinks industry. This range satisfies the requirements for most events and popular uses.

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    View product: Health


    Carefully developed for the well-being of the patient

    Roltex provides an extensive range of safe, practical solutions for all areas in the care sector. Our various innovative products provide comfort and safety for any patient: from isothermic lids to the practical Nasalto beakers. Discover our unique range of professional products for the health care sector.

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    View product: Frost Glasses

    Frost Glasses

    Bring colour to your drink.

    Don't these colourful tumblers look sensational? The Frost 25cl was developed from PC-safe, unbreakable material which gives them a long life. The Frost 17cl Junior was developed from BPA-free material. They are surprisingly comfortable to hold and the matt finish gives a hip, summery look and extends their lifespan.

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    View product: Frost Pitcher

    Frost Pitcher

    Coloured or clear pouring.

    These stackable pitchers are made from the same unbreakable PC Safe material as our Frost tumblers. The matt finish extends the lifespan of the carafe and gives that trendy look.

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    View product: Logo


    Bring your imagination to life.

    Why not increase your brand presence and add value to your customer experience. Logo without limits! Any design, picture, illustration or logo can be decorated on our unbreakables to make a unique product for your brand. Our only limit is imagination. Contact us for more info and make your dreams reality.

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    View product: Harfield


    Heavy-duty colours

    Even the naughtiest children will be unable to break this crockery! We are launching a new series of virtually unbreakable tableware for intensive use. The Harfield range is made of high strength PC Safe material. Ideal for schools, hospitals or applications for young children. All the items shown can be delivered direct from stock. You want another colour? No problem! An overview of all the colours available is provided at the end of the catalogue. Contact us and ask for the possibilities.


    Please click here to discover our assortment in BPA Free

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