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Roltex Grain polyester tray with personalisation at Corda Cuisine Hasselt

Our Rocca Grain tray at Corda Cuisine in Hasselt, Belgium.

Four years of service at Corda Cuisine.

The trendy self-service restaurant of the Corda Campus focuses on daily fresh products. It uses stylish, high-quality materials for its interior. With Roltex’s Grain, it extends this into its trays.


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“In a self-service restaurant, it is important that the trays can take a beating. Our concept revolves around tasty healthy food, but also about cosy dining. So no boring trays here, but nice and personalised trays. Even after four years, the trays are still in perfect condition. And that’s how it should be! In addition, information about the other Corda places is printed on it. That’s how customers find their way there too.”


“We prepare up to a thousand meals a day. The trays experience a lot, but the customer doesn’t notice.”


“The trays are immediately recognisable because of the Corda logo. They really fit in with the interior. Corda Cuisine pays attention to the details, I really appreciate that. An example for other catering businesses. The tray feels firm, the look-and-feel gives an extra touch.”


Corda Cuisine serving tray with logo

Advantages in use


Personalised serving tray for the food serving industry

> Intensive daily use
> Form-retaining
> Stacking lugs for drying and storage
> Suitable for industrial dishwashing machines
> 5-years warranty against breakage

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