New catalogue 2020


Roltex has BIG news!

He’s here, the catalogue for 2020! You’ll discover trusted items and improved products. But also new trays as well as new drinkware, tableware and kitchen utensils, from us and from the EPIQ partners.

Roltex catalog 2020 food serving solutions



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Some new catalogue highlights

  • Concrete-look in Puro, Wave and Dura trays
  • The S-Cube that lifts our S-Plank to a higher level
  • The renewed Paturel: our answer to the growing demand for ecological plastic
  • Our new unbreakable drinkware ranges: Diamond and Lux

We also offer you an alternative for disposable plastic products such as paper straws, but also an extended range of plates, cutlery, tumblers and bowls in an unbreakable material.

Ecologic tray Paturel wood fibres Roltex
Buffet solution serving platter breakfast Roltex
Kitchen equipment dishwasher rack basket white marble serving tray Roltex