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Ready for 2017 !

Ready for 2017 !

Your Roltex catalogue on a platter

In 2016 there was a lot on the unbreakable Roltex plate. We relocated, made new partnerships, developed innovative products, and much much more. All so that we could serve you better in a more sustainable manner.


On top of this we are now serving up a  catalogue which has doubled in size with even more  products and useful  information. A challenge? Yes, Did we succeed? Double yes! Now you have the opportunity to take a quick browse.


Stronger, more practical and more sustainable

Take a look through the catalogue and familiarise yourself with our extensive range. It’s bursting with innovative products. Examples include the Dura: an all-rounder with a natural look. You’ll also find the classics, some with new finishes or in different colours. The successful S-Plank is now available in different shapes.


The new division of products is wonderfully practical. An environmentally friendly serving platter for intensive or occasional use, unbreakables, and more. You’ll immediately find what you’re looking for.


Roltex? The healthy choice!

The healthcare logo is to be found throughout the catalogue. No wonder with the extensive expansion to our healthcare range! Give your patients more targeted - and therefore better - help.


Roltex is also the healthy choice for its well-thought-out designs, ecologically responsible materials and local production. Together with European partners such as Harfield and August Lundh, we continue to take further steps in this direction.

Thanks to you

What drives us to push ourselves to be more sustainable, more ergonomic and more environmentally aware? You. Because your expectations encourage us to do better, day after day. Your wishes are ours. Until our products are yours.


We look forward to a 2017 full of challenges, together with you!

Kind regards,

The Roltex team

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