Get amused when on-the-go

With adding these 4 new bowls to our take-away range, we have a solution for every type of food.

Proudly introducing you our new bowls that will amuse your customers and their customer’s take-away and delivery meals. With 4 different sizes, there is a bowl for every meal; breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner. The bowls are made out of hard PP material, the lids of a combination of transparent copolyester material and the same PP. 100% BPA Free. On top of that these products are dishwasher and microwave safe and will astonish every user with its appealing design and colours.

Morning and noon bowl 50 cl + 15 cl
Fill this bowl with sumptuous yoghurt, a colourful smoothie or salad and take a peek under the clear lid. There is a secret compartment: a small treasure trove which you can fill with your favourite toppings!

20 cl / 1 L / 2 L bowl
Your favorite meal wherever you are, served in a beautiful bowl. The crystal-clear lid allows you to show off your culinary creations, at home and on-the-go. Prepare yourself for some envious looks!

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