Roltex, we love to serve you.

Often in a hotel, restaurant or contract catering establishment, the customer’s perception of the organisation is greatly influenced by the first things they see and feel. Customers cannot fail to notice what is placed in front of them. In other words, the tray or tumbler can literally make or break the customer’s experience. And that's where Roltex loves to serve you, with an innovative and high quality product range for all your food service needs.

We love to serve you, even better ...

Soon we will transform this website into a webshop where our partner-dealers can easily check stock, order products, consult documents,… This will allow them to improve the service to our valuable customers. We will be in contact with all dealers in the upcoming months for a demo and login information.

New catalogue
available for 2022

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We love to serve you


Whether our contact is a customer, dealer or supplier, we want to fully commit to this as we really want to serve you.

It has always been our top priority, but now we want to spell it out to emphasise that this is what we, as a company and as individual people, stand for. We want to put YOU first and we promise to serve you with the best advice, service and products as quickly as possible.


Passion for innovation


Respect for people and nature.


Open communication for everyone.


Unique in design & customer experience


One shared destination


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