Brewery Westmalle

Tailor made is unbreakable glass for brewery Westmalle in Belgium. In combination with a personalised S-Plank.

Roltex went on a visit to Westmalle and met sales director Guido Bastiaensen and marketing manager Manu Pauwels at the abbey.

“We had no experience with plastic glasses yet”, says Guido. “But Roltex immediately gave us the feeling of quality and reliability. We followed our guts and got a nice, unbreakable Trappist glass instead.”

“Don’t compromise and only go for the best, that’s our philosophy”, Manu adds. “When we sat down at the table with you, we immediately

noticed your passion. You had to and would give us the perfect Trappist glass. It was a new challenge for you too, and that didn’t frighten you. Everything went perfectly.” With a slice of cheese to go with it “Also our delicious Westmalle cheese is served in style. That’s why we like the S-Plank”, says Manu. “It is unbreakable and easy to maintain. And our logo shows off on it. The printing possibilities are almost endless and the print does not wear off.”

Tray that serves your beck and call “In all these years, a lot of trays have passed in review here. They all had their strengths but also their weaknesses. While the Round tray scores well across the board: it is practical, sturdy and not too heavy”, says Guido. “Moreover, it has the right appearance. So no, there are no downsides.”

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