Gastrolicious in black

Serve your customers in style with our complete range in black!

Take it to the next level

Our original line, the ‘Gastronorm in full black’ was created with one idea in mind. To create an elegant serving tray that despite its beauty does not lose its durability. These polyester trays in the size Gastronorm 1/1 and Gastronorm ½ are both available in a classic rectangular shape with satin surface or in our modern Rocca design with a matt, structured surface.

Why black?

Well, we chose the colour black for two particular reasons. The first being the sophistication of the colour black. Black has a certain refinement that’s unseen in any other colour. The second reason is that we use ‘Black Classic Plus’-polyester, which is not only scratch resistant but also the strongest material in the market! 

Advantages of the gastronorm size

Gastronorm is a European standard size for trays measuring 53 x 32,5 cm. This allows for all trays to have the same size. Other than that our gastronorm 1/1 offers a large surface for a plate, bowl, tumbler etc. Lastly, we have a feature that’s often overlooked yet undeniably important! The gastronorm 1/1 size is easy to combine with trolleys, which will make service that much enjoyable.

Gastronorm ½

Serving breakfast, a lovely dessert in the afternoon or having young customers during service? With the ½ Gastronorm we offer you a cute buddy to complete your tray range for every occasion.

Guaranteed durability

Roltex adheres to high quality standards, that’s why we’re confident in giving a 5 year warranty on every gastronorm tray made out of ‘Black Classic Plus’-polyester. One, two or ten shifts a day? This tray can handle any amount of usage!

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